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A Better Way to Finance.
Gain liquidity for your business.
We help you finance the smart way.
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About Goba Capital

Based in the United States, Goba Capital is a global leader in financial services, focusing on tailor-made working capital solutions that drive business growth. We offer a variety of financing options, catering to needs ranging from $3 million to $100 million. Our customized financial strategies empower companies with the liquidity they need, enhancing both productivity and financial stability across a variety of industries and global markets.


What sets Goba Capital apart is our unwavering dedication to customer-focused solutions. Our experienced team takes the time to fully grasp the unique needs, goals, and challenges of each business we work with. This deep understanding shapes our innovative financial offerings, ensuring a perfect match for each client's specific situation. Beyond the provision of funds, we offer a holistic service experience, equipping our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their financing options and the associated benefits, thereby fostering peace of mind and long-term success.

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Empower businesses globally through collaborative creation of customized working capital solutions.

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To help our clients unlock their growth and shareholder value through innovative and creative working capital solutions.

Mission and Vision

Our Values

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Our Leadership Team

Goba Capital is led by an exceptionally seasoned team boasting decades of collective industry tenure.

Meet the team at Goba Capital. We're experts committed to delivering custom financial solutions that help your business grow. Our strength comes from our diverse and focused team. See our section below to learn more about the people who make it happen.

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